Why Us


Hiring Standards

Our candidate is one you can count on to have the skills and the work ethic you demand. We are known as having the most stringent and rigorous screening and testing processes in the business. We think it is well worth it, and so will you.

  • Sophisticated screening and testing programs
  • Specialized training according to your needs
  • Complete legal and labour compliance


Other Benefits:


  • No additional cost for running the payroll.
  • No enrollment cost.
  • No advertisement cost.
  • No need to give a raise in pay since we work as per contract.
  • Any incentive required is to be given to some employees through our Company.
  • Production cost is reduced substantially.
  • Health coverage cost is eliminated. If required, we can plan.
  • Number of engaged employees is kept as per production requirements.
  • No layoff & recalls.
  • ROE is prepared & issued by our Company.
  • Number of permanent employees is kept to the minimum for obvious advantage.
  • No financial benefits are required to be planned at the time of reducing number of employees.
  • We covers WSIB which covers work insurance.
  • We train all our employees to follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP's)


Selection Process

Our selection process ensures you'll receive qualified workers. Each applicant completes our proven selection process, which includes an interview, skills evaluation, employment verification and reference checking. Only candidates who successfully complete each step in the process will be placed with your company.

We strongly believe in our 8 step selection process:

  1. A Skills Assessment
  2. Personality Review
  3. Background and Reference check
  4. Written test, which includes Mathematics Test, English Reading Test, English Writing Test
  5. GMP's Training
  6. WHIMS Awareness
  7. Criminal Record Check
  8. But more than that, because we know the industrial environment so well, we are able to see and analyze the little things that ultimately decide where a candidate will be a good fit.



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